Help With Back Pain When Sitting



Avoiding Lower Back Pain While Seated


Many people suffer with discomfort when they sit for long periods of time. In fact, lower back pain when sitting is very common among the adult population. Here are some things that you can do avoid lower back pain when you sit.


Easing Back Pain with Frequent Breaks


It is very important to keep from being seated, for hours at a time. This can place pressure on nerves and muscles, and also reduces circulation. Get up as often as you can, and stretch. Walk for a few minutes, if possible.


Reminders to Avoid Low Back Pain


It may be necessary to remind yourself to get up, every now and then. If you are working at a computer, it is a simple matter to remember. Try downloading a computer program that will remind you every so many minutes, to get up. Many of these applications are free, and can be a very handy tool, for those that spend a lot of time in front of a computer.


Good Chairs Help with Back Pain


If you sit in a cheap or uncomfortable chair for very long, you are asking for trouble. If you are at a desk, it is important to have proper work tools. If your employer will not provide one, you might consider investing in your own office chair. After all, it will be a work related expense, and can help to ease you lower back pain. If you buy a chair, it is a good idea to try it out first. Sit in the chair and get the feel of it. This is something that you may be spending a lot of hours in, each day. It should be comfortable, and it should also provide you with plenty of support.


Braces and Pain While Seated


You may wish to invest in an inexpensive brace. These braces can be purchased at many work supply stores, and safety supply stores. They are made of elastic material, and they fit around the waste with Velcro. Some people claim that braces can make a big difference in the way that they feel. They can help to provide you with valuable support, when you sit.


Shoes and Lower Back Pain


Many people may not realize it, but the shoes that you wear can affect the way that you sit. Try to wear shoes that are as comfortable as possible. If it feels better to remove your shoes, then do so. However, it may be best to check with your employer, first. You also might try placing something under your feet, if your chair will not properly adjust. This can make it more comfortable to sit and work.




You can do things to help avoid lower back pain while you sit. Take frequent breaks from your desk. Invest in a quality office chair, as it is an important work tool. You might wish to try wearing an elastic brace to relieve discomfort. Also, wear comfortable shoes at work, and consider placing something under your feet, if they do not properly reach the floor. You also may wish to remove your shoes when you sit.

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